How This 5 Year-Old Syrian Refugee is Working to Feed his Family.

To move forward we have to give back.

Meet Mohammed - a Syrian refugee who works the streets of Istanbul selling pencils, chocolates, and toys until midnight every day. His smile and charisma put just enough money to help his family through the toughest of times after losing their everything in Syria.

With over 1.5 million school-aged Syrian refugee children living in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon, approximately half of them do not have access to formal education.  Barriers such as child labor, enrolment requirements, language difficulties, and a lack of support are keeping children out of the classroom. Together, we can change that for 5 year-old Hamoodee, and offer him an education, shelter and food. Providing him with a better future!

Where your donation goes.

Donor comments:

"Please sisters and brothers, look after our children's, prophet Muhammad SAW said that the ummah is one body,so we should feel the pain, Jazakallah khairan, even a pound will make a difference between eating or not eating" - Anonymous 

" There is always hope." - Chhavi Chaudhary

"Thank you for telling poor peoples storys so we can have a opportunity to help them". - Anonymous

Donate to Hamoodee and provide him with a new future.

Your donation will go to:

STAGE 1: £1000

- Helping Hamoodee get off the streets and into school, providing his parents enough money to not use him for work.

- Along with your donation we will also find a local school and restaurant to aid him with food and an education.

STAGE 2: £3000

- Support Hamoodee through school until graduated. 


- Provide him with a new laptop to work from home during the pandemic.  

- Give him and his family food and supplies to supper their family. 

STAGE 3: £5000

- Give him the opportunity to start secondary school! This will allow him to graduate and work in the future whilst living in Istanbul. 

- Life comes with it's hurdles, so we want to make sure they can eat and pay rent, extra donations will be put towards supporting them where necessary.

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We will share the ongoing progress on Hamoodie's story, to show you the impact and difference you made on this story. That's what we call true transparency!