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A world where we help each other.

Welcome to our live donor map where  you can view every single donation made by the people around you. Together we can support one another.

Comment wall.


"What an amazingly wonderful thing you are doing for our world by bringing us the opportunity to help these people who are in these awful situations. Keep up the great work!"


Melanie Stewart

"Wishing Marjorie & Tasyana very Best for their future. Wonderful humanitarian work by Verse."


Donna-Maria Al-Sibai

"May Allah bless them and fulfil all their good deeds."



"These women are forced to dig out of the trash for food to feed their children. Mommy works very hard so we can have a better life, but I need you to remember how hard we struggle forever because if we were somewhere else in the world it could have been us. One day it is going to be your chance to change the world, so I want you to remember our story, and the story of these two women, and I want you to help me make this world a better place. Mommy loves you."


Felicia Tavares (In honor of Cahira).

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