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Helping humans.

Behind headlines.

Change the lives in every story.
Donate 100% to those in need & watch the change you’ll make.


Sulaiman Sibai

Nadine Gronert

"VERSE began as a side project in 2016 to tell the stories of those effected behind the headlines. The initial goal was to share candid and raw stories of those left behind by large news organisations."

"Along the way, people would often ask how they could help the person in the story. It started out with one donation here and there, and soon people from all over the world wanted to transform the lives of those in every story.

"We set to work to build a channel that gives you real stories of those in need and lets you follow the impact you make on every life in every story.

VERSE now has over 100,000 followers on social media and has received donations from over 54 countries, providing a worldwide audience a way to connect and help one another."

Many stories.

One goal.

The stories focus on people who need help by continuing to support those left by governments and big news organisations in a reactive and human way. 

Follow every step.

When you donate to a story, following your donation has never been more transparent.

When received, you get to watch the impact your donation made with our Follow Up Stories', showing you exactly how your support changed the lives of those in every story.

Stories you can trust.

100% Donation Model

Trust is my first thought. Not an afterthought. With every story told, transparency lies at the heart of it. That's why I make sure to include every detail that's at the foundation of every story you see.

I believe that every penny should go to those in need before anything else. That's why 100% of your donation will go directly to those in need. You can also support my channel with a donation to my work if you would like to.

A world where we help each other. 

A little


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