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The long story.

“It was a late Sunday afternoon and I was still working, with a camera in one hand and tripod in the other, I was covering the refugee crisis in southern Turkey. A refugee camp on the Syrian border where thousands of helpless refugees were stranded. 


My phone rang - it was the newsroom, calling to urgently find out whether the story would make the 5PM bulletin. 


As I pushed through a large group of Syrian men who were trying to collect their families dinner rations, I interrupted one, asking him about his situation, where he had came from and what his future holds. His answers were as expected, short, tearful and resembling a fraction of how he really felt. Nonetheless I recorded as much of him as I could to take back to the studio. 


As I walked back to the car, passing thousands of small tents, containing stories unheard, all helpless in a world of silence - the only thing I kept thinking about was how my interview would really make a difference to any of this. 


The newsroom called again - I reassured them it will make it on time, but deep down I knew I had a story that would have little to no impact to the catastrophe in front of me. And that’s when it hit me. 

A few minutes of airtime for a never ending news channel wasn’t going to help any of the many struggling lives in that refugee camp, not to mention the many millions in need across the world today, all caught up in their own unfortunate situations. Newsrooms sadly have their own agendas, and helping isn't at the top of it.


That's why I decided to make a change and provide support to the stories I tell, to invest in human capital and help humans behind the headlines.


That is why I have formed VERSE. "

Thank you for your time. 


Sulaiman Sibai 




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