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How this teacher developed a genius way to educate hundreds of slum children in India, for free.


With your support he wants to teach many more.

In India over 35 million children go through life without an education - but this man Rajesh took the responsibility to change that.


Opening a school in a park in 2006, he saw an opportunity to take his school on step further, creating a genius way in future proofing his school so it will run for the next 100 years! 

Today, graduates of the school volunteer their support to help new children in the school. With your donation, you'll be able to help Rajesh expand and continue to grow his school (perhaps under many more bridges). 

Where your donation goes.

Give slum children an education with a direct donation to this free school.

100% of your support will go to:

- Providing each child in the school with new educational materials from books to pens. 

- Further donations will go to providing each child with a new back pack.

- Rajesh each week gives the children refreshments, with ongoing donations we'll give them refreshments each week.

Spread the word.
Follow every step.

We will share the progress of your donation by filming the change, we call these "Impact Stories", showing you the difference you made to their lives. That's what we call true transparency!


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