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Helping humans.

Behind headlines.

We are the first news channel that lets you directly support the person behind the headline.


We are a not-for-profit digital channel, telling real stories of humans behind headlines. Providing a platform for you to support those in need of help, and making the world that bit better.

"Never be afraid of work that has no end"  - A wise man.

Many stories.

One goal.

Our stories focus on people who need help by continuing to support those left by governments and big NGOs in a reactive and human way. 

Follow every step.

When you donate to a story, following your donation has never been more transparent.

When received, we allow you to watch the the impact your donation made with our Impact Stories', showing you exactly how your support changed the lives of those in every story.

Stories you can trust.

Trust is our first thought. Not an afterthought. With every story we tell, transparency lies at the heart of it. That's why we make sure to include every detail thats at the foundation of every story you see.

We believe in saying no to covering thousands of stories you see repeated each day so that we can really focus on the more meaningful few that need your support.


Our team is built of filmmakers and writers - who go by 'messengers'. 

Passing on the message of those in need of help. They have previously worked for established broadcasters like the BBC,  Al-Jazeera and CNN, now on a more purposeful mission they dedicate themselves to helping humans behind the headlines.

"When history reaches a turning point, there are those who watch and those who act." - Another wise man.

A world where we help each other. 

A little


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