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After escaping Gaza, she received offers from 4 British universities, but without your support, going back will be her only option.

Give Yara Eid the dream she's been waiting for.

She grew up in a refugee camp in Gaza, called Al-Bureij, to the constant sound of bombs and war on every street, living with constant fear. 


Determined to survive and make a change she planned her way out of Gaza. By constantly studying and applying for as many grants as possible she got her break, and in 2016 was granted a full scholarship by Cogito Scholarship Foundation to attend the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales.

After two years of an eye opening college education, she dreamed of becoming a global peace ambassador to use international influence in achieving peace. And to achieve that dream she needs support to attend university this autumn.


Due to the situation in Gaza and her parents financial differences to the UK’s educational costs, she is unable to cover the costs of her degree and accommodation.


Being able to achieve an undergraduate degree in IR and politics would enable her to pursue her dream, by enabling her to start working after she graduates in a humanitarian field and change the sad reality that Palestinians are living through.

Her two top choices are SOAS and Edinburgh: Tuition fees for one year at SOAS is £16,907 and at Edinburgh is £18,800.

The current guidelines in living costs can vary between £11000-16000 per year. She will also have to take into account the visa costs as well as transportation and books etc.

*She has been accepted to some of the top universities in the UK: The School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS), Edinburgh, Warwick and King's College London to study International Relations and Politics. 

Recent donors.

Harriet Martin: £300

Claire Doherty: £49

Vivina Berla: £100

Eeva Warro: £200

Jet Lurvink: £250

Sawsan AbuShanab: £40

Anonymous: £990

Hilde Berg-Hansen: £60

Michaela Vogt: £40

Heather Bailey: £40


Achiad Kalman: £10


Support Yara Eid to attend a university so she can become a peace ambassador and strive to achieve global peace.
£17,571 Raised
by 128 people so far

100% of your donation will go to:

> Helping her reach £37k to attend university (see breakdown in summary).

> Providing Yara Eid with an education in the UK. 

>  Covering tuition costs, student accommodation, books, and transportation. 

Spread the word.
Follow every step.

We will share the progress on Yara's story by filming updates, to show you the impact and difference you made on this story. That's what we call true transparency!

Where your donation goes.


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