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Living in a sinking slum, how this father fears for his family's future. With your support, he dreams of providing them with a new beginning. 

Give Udin a way out and gift his family a better home and a much better life.

Jakarta, a capital city home to 10 million people, is sinking. As climate change increases each year, sea levels are rising, and the growing city has pumped so much water from its ground that the land is now sinking 5 centimeters, every year.

400,000 of the city's poorest live in slums across the city. One of which that has been most effected by the flooding is known as the Sinking Slum, situated in the north of the city, along the coast.

Meet 49-year-old Udin, who's lived in the sinking slum with his family since 1996. Witnessing the tides rise, he's seen the water overcome three walls that were previously built to prevent extreme flooding in the city.

His small home sits on top of a raised garbage mound, amongst a community home to over 600 people. All living on the edge of the capitals sinking coast.


Working on odd jobs for the community, he struggles to support his family on £30 a month. With a worry on how long their homes will last in the slum, he wishes he could relocate them to a safer home and provide them with a better life. 

He shared with us the story of his life over the past few decades, what he's seen and his worries for the future.

With a hope for change, today we invite you to provide him with a way out of the sinking slum, giving his family a new home and an opportunity for a better life.

Special thanks to Harti Jannah for your incredible support with his story.

Donor comments:

"What a life, my donation is small but I hope it helps." - Anonymous 

:It is not much but I hope that it helps even just a bit. Thanks, verse for bringing these stories to light! :)" - Lisa Duong 

Today, gift Udin and his family a way out of the sinking slum.  

Or fundraise for him.

100% of your donation will go to:

STAGE 1: £1000

- Support and resources to help combat the floods around their home.

- New bedding, home supplies, and kitchen utilities. 

STAGE 2: £5000

- Providing Udin and his family with a new home, out of the Sinking Slum


​- Allowing his whole family to relocate to a safer and much better environment once and for all!

*The use of donations is subject to change depending only on Udin's situation and needs. All donors will be notified of any changes.

Follow every step.

We will share the progress of Udin's story by filming the change, we call these "Follow up Stories", showing you the difference you made on this story. That's what we call true transparency!

Where your donation goes.


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