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The Voices of Grenfell

This Touching Poem Read by The Grenfell Community Will Move You.

Questions still unanswered, the enquiry continues, yet the victims of Grenfell speak out on the lack of support provided from the government.

Below are a list of approved organisations providing direct help to the community and victims of Grenfell. We will direct your donations to the below campaigns - who have been found and approved by our team on the ground.

Grenfell Healing Zone

Takes place every Wednesday and Thursday, with a range of therapies and creative activities to help those effected. 

Your donations will go to: Helping them enable their service to be consistent to victims of Grenfell and to support their volunteers. As well as massage couches, towels, sanitising products and healing related items.

Grenfell Speaks

Grenfell Speaks are a campaign working out of solidarity with all those affected by this tragedy. Your donation will also help them continue their campaign in getting to the bottom of this case.

Grenfell Support

Support Site with a host of other information regarding help, donations and funding. Your donation will go to helping them provide the right support and information to the victims involved.

Your donation will go to:

Three on the ground organisations made by the community of Grenfell. See Below for a full breakdown.

Follow every step.

When £1000 is donated, we will show you the impact you made on this story, by following it further and documenting the difference you had on this story. That's what call true transparency!

Donate directly to Grenfell's support groups.
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