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Saving lives for 1 dollar a day, how this father struggles to support his family who live in a railway slum. With your help, he hopes for a whole new life. 

Give Mugi the gift of a new life and watch the transformation you'll make.

With over 400,000 people living in slums across Jakarta, the railway slum is known as one of the most dangerous.  Home to over 700 people who live in poverty, on the edge of one of the busiest railway lines in the capital. 

52-year-old Mugianto has lived there for over 30 years. Earning 1 dollar a day from the community, he works to make sure every passerby crosses the dangerous railway tracks safely, regularly saving people from being hit by passing trains. Struggling to support his family, he wishes he could provide them a better life and a safer home

Living in a room no bigger than the average bathroom, sleeping on the floor and with no access to running water. He shared with us his long-life dream to one day renovate his house or relocate away from the railway slum, a dream that he thinks will never be possible.

We came across his story after visiting the railway slum recently. Surrounded by tall high rise apartments we saw him relentlessly working in the blistering heat, protecting all passerby's as over 100 trains past in one day. Not all heroes wear capes, with such care and dedication in helping others, he truly deserves some real help. 

If he reaches his goal of £5000, that would be the equivalent of 13 years of work for Mugi. An absolute life-changing sum that will be the biggest surprise of his life!

Today, we invite you to surprise him with a new life that will last for years to come.

Special thanks to Harti Jannah & Adinda Az Zahra for your relentless support.

Donor comments:

"Love will always outshine hate." - Luis Rodriguez

"Thanks for changing people's lives!" - Anonymous 

"What a wonderful man, thank you for sharing his story." - Anonymous

"Thank you for all your hard work and for bringing hope to Mugi’s and his family's life."Troy Quraishi

Where your donation goes.

Today, provide Mugi and his family with a new home, a new life, and a whole new beginning.

Or fundraise for him.

100% of your donation will go to:

STAGE 1: £1000

- Install and pay for continuous running water in his house. As of today, the family has to collect water and wash outside.


- New bedding, home supplies, and kitchen utilities. 

- Educational fees for their two youngest children.

STAGE 2: £2000

Including everything in stage 1. 


- The back of the house and an unused room above will also be renovated, providing them with a new space for the family and giving the children their own room.

- Installing a new shower, lights and cleaning/kitchen area.

STAGE 3: £5000


- The big one! Mugi will be able to purchase a new home away from the railway, a dream he's always wanted to come true. Allowing his whole family to relocate to a safer and much better environment! We think this surprise will shock him beyond belief! 

*The use of donations is subject to change depending only on Mugi's situation and needs. All donors will be notified of any changes.

Follow every step.

We will share the progress of Mugi's story by filming the change, we call these "Follow up Stories", showing you the difference you made on this story. That's what we call true transparency!


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