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Thanks to you, her dream comes true. Today, Jonalyne has something very special to share with you.

You gave Jonalyne and her son a life they've only imagined.

From cleaning graves in a cemetery for £2 a day to survive, Jonalyne Nadonga now has a life she had only dreamed of.

From 27 countries around the world you all came together to donate nearly £3000 to her. To put that in context - for Jonalyne that's approximately 5 years of salary!

Since the success of her story, we've been closely documenting her Impact Story, to show you the difference your donation made. 

With every story, we focus on supporting those in need in the most self sustainable way. Providing Jonalyne with the right tools to help her build a new future, whilst monitoring her progress along the way.

Jonalyne has used half of the donations to build a shop, providing her with a daily income to support her son, and focusing on generating enough profit for them to buy a new home.

The remaining and ongoing donations will go towards purchasing a place in the near future. 

Very special thanks to: Teresa Buston and Bea Luga.

Where your donation went.
You did it!

100% of your donation went to:

Jonalyne Nadonga

> Building her a new shop with wheels allowing her to relocate in the near future. 


> Buying over 20 new products to sell in her new shop. From shampoo to noodles and canned goods.

> Providing her son with a new education for years to come, starting in 2020. 

> Purchasing a birth certificate to register Caspian for school, as well as uniforms and school supplies.

Ongoing donations to Jonalyne will support her go towards her savings for a home outside the cemetery.

Spread the love.
Keep following every step.

Updates on Jonalyne and her son don't stop here. Over the coming months we'll update everyone on their progress and the impact your donation keeps making.


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Original story.

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