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Born among the dead, how this girl survives living in a cemetery and with your help hopes for a new beginning.

Give Jonaylne and her son a life they've only imagined.

The Cemeterio Del Norte (North cemetery) is inhabited by over 5000 people who make a living among the dead. From cleaning graves, to running corner shops, the entire slum community ranks among the poorest of the world's poor.

With poverty a growing issue across Manila, 20 year old Jonalyne Nadonga has experienced this her whole life. Growing up in the cemetery from as early as she can remember,  she spends each day cleaning graves, hoping for the visitor of one to show up and tip her (150 pesos / £2). She also does laundry work to make sure she is able to feed her son Caspian each day.

Sleeping on a grave stone is the closest thing to a bed Jonalyne and her son have got. Her husband currently works at a construction site hundreds of miles away. Only able to return every month to support her, he texts Jonalyne each day to make sure his son and her have eaten.

With a dream of one day leaving the cemetery, Jonalyne wants to open a small sari sari store (grocery store) that would support her son each day and allow her husband to work closer to home.  

We invite you to support Jonaylne and her family and provide them with a new home to live in, soft beds to sleep in and a new beginning. 

Special thanks to: Nicole Revitta, Vina Salazar and Bei Yuh.

Donor comments:

"I wish you all the best Jonalyne. I hope you find your way out of poverty and live a good and prosperous life. And Amazing work Verse. Your videos really show the struggles of people like Jonalyne and remind people like me to be grateful for what I have and to help those in need. Thank You!" - Ali Mohamed Ghaus Bin Abdul Rahim

"I am 21 years old and I can't imagine how you survive this tough situation when you are just 20. You are such a strong woman and you inspire me and so many others to be grateful for everything. I hope you and your family will have a better life in the future." - Tenzin Tsetan.

"Wishing you both a beautiful future" Olivia Edwards-Allen


"It's not much but it's what I can afford. Hopefully her and her child will get some decent food with it." - Josh Gardiner

"Thank you for sharing her story." Nathaniel Rubio

Donate directly to Jonalyne 
to provide her with a 
new beginning.

100% of your donation will go to:

STAGE 1: £1000


Providing her with a new store and stock that will be set up in the cemetery. Allowing her to support her child with the daily income.

STAGE 2: £3000

The goal, to give her a new home outside the cemetery. As well as providing her with a new grocery shop in the city. 


Further donations past Stage 2 will go to providing her son with an education in the future, increasing the size of her store and ensuring her rent is paid.

Follow every step.

We will share the progress of Jonalyne's story by filming the change, we call these "Impact Stories", showing you the difference you made on this story. That's what we call true transparency!

Or fundraise for them.

Your donation, now making a difference. 

From over 19 countries you came together to give Jonalyne Nadonga and her son a future they could only dream of. Because of your support their dream is now turning into a reality.

Wednesday 13th March 2019

Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 13.58.37.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 13.59.05.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 13.59.17.jpg

Thanks to your ongoing support, Jonalyne visits a wholesale supermarket to purchase groceries for her new shop. To put your donation into perspective, this shop will provide her with 8x more daily income compared to cleaning graves.

Tuesday 12th March 2019

Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 13.33.16.jpg

The builders continue working, focusing on the frame and outside materials, the shop will be light but equally strong to cope with heavy rain in the Philippines. Even little Caspian is eager to help!

Monday 11th March 2019

Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 13.28.09.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 13.27.57.jpg
Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 13.28.25.jpg

Jonalyne's new shop is underway! Starting from scratch she can't wait to build this unique store that will be fully portable, allowing her to move it closer to the customers in the city.

Where your donation goes.

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