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Living under a bridge, how this grandma struggles to survive with three children. With your support, she dreams of providing 

them with a new life and a way out.

Transform their lives with a gift that will last for years to come.

With more than 500,000 people living in extreme poverty across Manila, the worst conditions can be found under most bridges in the capital. With thousands of people living under high way bridges, struggling to survive.

Jessica Ignacio is a 56-year-old grandmother, who's lived under a bridge in Manila for the past 10 years. She now struggles each day to look after her three grandchildren aged 3 to 7 years old, after their father was killed by the police in 2017 for having a drug habit. 

Jessica spends each day looking for small odd jobs among the community, from washing clothes to cleaning, when there are no jobs going she takes to the streets to beg for enough money to feed the children. 

Aware of her age, Jessica worries about how her grandchildren will survive when she is gone. Lacking an education and daily expenses she dreams to see them in elementary school before she passes, with the hope of providing them a new future and a way out of poverty. 

We came across their heartbreaking story whilst visiting the community under a busy bridge in Manila. Hidden from view she was desperate to speak with us, with the hope that people will hear her story.

Today, we invite you to provide her children with a proper education, daily expenses and support for a new future. 

Special thanks to Teresa Buston and Bei Yuh for your dedicated support.

Donor comments:

"Hi! my name is Ginger (I ‘m 14 years old) and I am half Filipino and half American. I lived in the Philippines most of my life but moved to California 3 years ago. Just last summer ago I visited places like this when I was their and I hate when I see families living like this so I would love to help at least one family before Christmas just to make see them smile. I really appreciate what you are doing for these people and Good bless. Thank you" - Ginger Gerard

"I hope this loving grandmother gets out of poverty gets a nice home and I hope those children’s mother will be rehabilitated" - Jason Ou


"I hope they'll be able to move to a proper living space. Perhaps, an investment fund of some sort could be set up for the kids, with a small monthly contribution, so that the family in the future is able to rely on dividends when the donor money from this campaign runs out. Please consider this, Verse. Thank you very much!" - Gulzhan Musaeva

"Jessica, your story affected me deeply. You and your beautiful grandchildren deserve so much more. I pray that God will bless you and that you will receive everything you need for a wonderful new life." - Kristen A.

"Keep up the amazing work Verse!" - Donald Bain

Verse Stories remind us of the children and families we need to help by giving opportunities. Your videos are incredible and it’s so great to see the end results that we have all been able to achieve through your amazing charity ❤️ - Alison Gordon

Really thankful that you create this kind of organisation Verse to help people who really need help.🙏 - Rowena Watt

Today, provide Jessica's grandchildren with an education and support for a whole new future.

100% of your donation will go to:

STAGE 1: £1000

- Purchasing school materials to support their education in elementary school.


- Monthly installments will be given to them for daily expenses to cover food, clothes and healthcare. 

STAGE 2: £2500

Like stage 1, their educational fees and daily expenses wil be covered. 


- A remainder of the money will also be set aside to support their education and future in the long run. Supporting them where and when they need it. 

STAGE 3: £5000


- This is big! If their goal is reached, you'll be able to provide them with an not only an education, daily expenses and healthcare, but a way out from under the bridge. Rellocating them to a safer and better environment!


Further donations will go to providing the children with ongoing support in monthly installments. 

Follow every step.

We will share the progress of Jessica's story by filming the change, we call these "Impact Stories", showing you the difference you made on this story. That's what we call true transparency!

Or fundraise for them.

Where your donation goes.


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