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The world's dirtiest river, how the clothes we buy are destroying these families' lives. With your support, they hope for a better life and a better future. 

Gift them a better life and an even better future.

With over 80 billion clothes manufactured every year, the fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing contributors to pollution in the world.

Fast fashion brands like H&M, Zara and Primark are churning out cheap, new clothes every few days, fuelling us to shop more than ever before. This constant demand is having a major impact on the environment and the lives of those where the cheap fabric is being produced. 

Nicknamed "The world's most polluted river", the nearly 300km long Citarum River in Indonesia, is the lifeline for 20 million people who live along the river and rely on its water for growing food, drinking, and bathing. 

Positioned along the river are over 1000 textile factories, which use the Citarum as a dumping area, disposing over 340,000 tonnes of wastewater daily.

Contaminating the water with lead, aluminium and iron, which changes the colour of the water in some areas. The river flows through groundwater and into local wells, causing nearby residents to suffer rashes, skin disease, and lung inflammation.

Growing up in one of the villages along the river, Iim and Nung have been directly affected by the increasing pollution from the textile factories. With no other water supply in the village, Nung is forced to use the water daily. Resulting in contracting a skin disease from the polluted water. She is unable to afford the medication to cure it. 

Her sister in law, Iim, a mother of 3, lost her husband to tuberculosis whilst working at one of the factories. Now struggling to support her children, Iim was forced to borrow money and is now in debt. Working in a small store she sells pancakes for 5p  to cover daily expenses whilst paying off what she owes.  

We came across their story whilst visiting the Majalaya village along the river. Desperate to be heard they shared their story with us in the hope that they can be helped. 

Today, we invite you to gift them with a better life, and an even better future! Whilst watching the change you'll make to their lives!

Special thanks to Harti Jannah & Adinda Az Zahra for your support.

Donor comments:

"Thank you for highlighting their plight. Hope more awareness may be raised on how irresponsible the polluting factories are so that greater change can be made." - Anonymous 

"Thank you for all the work you do, I hope my small donation will help." - James Bain.

"Thank you for showing us these real stories. I love fashion and I still do. But ever since I watched The True Cost and became aware of how much pollution and exploitation the fashion industry made, and be showing only the glamorous side to its customers- I felt disgusted by it. I also felt responsible for contributing to this problem, because I was the ultimate consumer. We need to show its impact to the world, and not left these stories untold. Loving fashion should not merely mean the following trend, it should mean so much more than that, and be acting accordingly for it to be sustainable and ethical."- Anonymous 

Today, donate to Iim and Nung to change their lives, and watch the difference you'll make! 

Or fundraise for them.

100% of your donation will go to:

STAGE 1: £1000

- Buying medicine for Nung to be cured of her skin disease. 

- Providing them with some new household equipment and essentials. 


- Paying off Iim's debt completely, so she can live an easier life and support her kids. 

STAGE 2: £5000

- Installing a new well that will supply water in the village, providing them and their community with both clean and safe water!  

- Plus everything in stage 1. 

*The use of donations is subject to change depending on their situation and needs. All donors will be notified of any changes.

Follow every step.

We will share the progress of their story by filming the change, we call these "Follow up Stories", showing you the difference you made on this story. These stories are amazing, and only possible with you!

Where your donation goes.


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