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Give a little. Gain a lot.

You don't have to physically come to VERSE to volunteer, we accept any helping hand, from story input, social marketing, articles or video to any other task we might need help with at the time! And of course we are more than happy for you to use your experience with us on your CV for the future! 


The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love.

6 Reasons why you would want to work at VERSE.

1. You'll be part of a team that's having a real impact. We're dedicated in covering the biggest stories, and helping them along the way, on issues that really matter: from the refugee crisis, global poverty, cancer, women's rights, war and conflict, abuse and countless other topics

2. Life at a start up is fun. We're a super small team, but every person who joins will make a significant impact on what we become.

3. For most jobs at VERSE, you can work anywhere. Work from home, from a coffee shop, from a co-working space - anywhere with good enough internet to keep in touch! There are no remote workers at VERSE, we're all part of a distributed team.

4. We value results, not hours spent working. Work when you’re working well; take a break when you’re not. We don’t care about 9-5 (or 9-9) — we care about what you’ve done lately to contribute significantly to our growth and impact in the world.

5. (When) you leave, you'll leave with so many more skills. Like a Jedi. Because we're small, skills can be spread across the team, they'll be opportunities to learn much more than just what you're good at. 

6. We're changing how News is done, and we need your help. It’s going great so far, but the road ahead is long, and we need the smartest, most passionate, most driven, and most curious people we can find in order to tackle the big challenges ahead.

Come and do the best work of your life, feel great about the change you’re making in the world, get paid a good wage, and have a great time doing it. All from wherever you want, as long as it’s in a European time zone.


- Digital Assistant News Producer

- Digital Video Assistant Producer

Please e mail your CV and a cover letter to


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