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Holocaust survivor Emerich Roth escaped the Nazis 70 years ago. As Sweden prepares for its Election, here’s why he needs your help to fight the extreme right again.

Stand by Emerich in fighting hate with love.

70 years ago Emerich Roth escaped 5 different concentration-camps, leaving behind his parents and 3 siblings who never made it. Fleeing to Sweden as a refugee at the age of 26, he tried to rebuild a normal life keeping his horrific past to himself. 


Until 1992, when he started to witness the rise of something he never expected to see again. Political parties who were using the same terminology of the Nazi party many years ago. Horrified and aware that history could repeat itself - he decided to spend as long as it would take to educate those in need, and inform them of the similarities in todays politics to the past. 


Since then he's cleared his throat and lectured in over 1800 schools, sharing his first hand experiences, whilst at the same time informing the next generation on what needs to be done in order to live in harmony amongst each other, and provide support for those in war torn countries.

To stand by Emerich, we invite you to share his story or even donate directly to his foundation where your support will continue to carry his work from the past into the present. 

Produced & filmed by: Olivia Morris

Loud Liberation

Support Emerich to continue sharing his work in educating the world of his past, to prevent it happening in the present.

100% of your donation will go to:

> Supporting Emerich to continue to educate and lecture more children and adults around Sweden. 

> Funding his work material, books and website.

Spread the word.
Follow every step.

We will share the progress on Emerich's story, to show you the impact and difference you made on this story. That's what we call true transparency!

Where your donation goes.


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