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From Refugee Boat to Canal Cruiser

The Refugee Who Survived the Sea - Now Ferries Tourists in his Own Refugee Boat.

A boat that was once crammed with migrants making a death-defying voyage across the Mediterranean is now being used used for daily cruises through the world-famous waterways of the Dutch capital, by no other than a Syrian refugee who took a similar boat to cross into Europe.

£180 Raised
by 29 people so far

Your donation will go to:

Providing Syrian Refugee Moe Al-Masri to keep his free boat project running, allowing him to build a better future for himself in Amsterdam as well as supporting his family who are still back home in Syria. 

Follow every step.

When £1000 is donated, we will show you the impact you made on this story, by following it further and documenting the difference you had on this story. That's what call true transparency!

Donate directly to
Moe's Refugee  Boat Project.
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