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Their lives now changed forever, how your support gave these fatherless children a new future! Today, watch the incredible difference your donation made!

Thanks to your incredible support, you gave them a better life and an even brighter future.

Abandoned before birth, Alex, John, and Katrina are a few of the hundreds of children who have never met their father due to the effects of sex tourism. Living without support and an identity, your donations have now changed their lives forever! 

Since they received your donations, we've been closely documenting their Impact Story, to show you the difference your donation made to their lives. 

With every story, we focus on supporting those in need in the most self-sustainable way. Therefore we're providing them with an education to help build a future where they can stand on their own to feet.

We took them out to purchase new clothes, toiletries, and essentials whilst giving them a day worth remembering! An allowance program has been set up to cover their food and transport whilst paying for school projects and educational fees. 

Any ongoing donations will go to their education fees. You can donate here.

A very special thanks to Nicole Revita!

Where your donation went.
You did it!

100% of your donation went to:

Alex, John & Katrina

> Providing them with an education through school, covering school projects, transport, and food each day.


> Buying them new clothes, toiletries, and essentials. School supplies, books, pens, and paint.

> Ongoing donations to the children will go towards their educational fees and daily allowance program. 

Keep following every step.

Updates on Alex, John, and Katrina don't stop there. Over the coming months we'll update everyone on their progress and the impact your donation keeps making.


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Original story.

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